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Golfo Dulce is a Costa Rican treasure. As a marine bio-gem, it is one of Central America's preeminent riches. Critically endangered sea turtles rest, feed, mate and nest in the Gulf. A unique xanthic colony of pelagic sea snakes resides in the inner basin. Humpback whales from both northern and southern hemispheres enter the inlet to give birth and provide sanctuary for young calves. Two resident species of dolphins breed and raise offspring in Golfo Dulce. Whale sharks aggregate there, scalloped hammerhead sharks are born and needlefish spawn. It is a vibrant bionetwork, essential to the welfare of the East Pacific ecology.

Access to peer-reviewed data is vital for officials who must evaluate and determine conservation policies. Escalating pressure on the marine ecosystem has increased vulnerability of biodiversity in Golfo Dulce and overall wildlife populations appear to be in decline. Only through sound research and protective strategies may Golfo Dulce continue to be one of Costa Rica's most important and vibrant marine habitats.